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Aarabhi - The Center for Performing Arts

Ashok Gurjale - Founder Director, Aarabhi

At the outset let us tell you that Aarabhi, is an exclusive Violin Institute, the only one of its kind in India. From a modest begining, it has grown into a vibrant Institution comprising of over a 300 students of ages varying from 6 to 60. Aarabhi is registered under educational and charitable trust, which is being funded by music lovers and individuals.

The students of Aarabhi had performed more than 700 live concerts on various platforms in India and has been offered by various organizations to perform abroad. Indian Classical Music supposed to be one of the toughest music and children of age group 8 - 14 years playing violin in a symphony makes Aarabhi a unique institution. Aarabhi has trained 1200+ students in the past 20 years

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Listen to Ashok Gurjale's Compositions


Composition depicting flow of water - A small stream springing, twining in and out, left and right forming with lustrous drops; falling like sparkling clusters of diamonds in the form of waterfall; mischeievous as a little girl becoming steadier, as you attain youth; a young girl growing to maturity and finally achieving the calm dignity of a woman as you join the ocean - your eternal lover



Agni - The Fire, which lights the lamp of devotion. This composition can be visualized how fire starts from a spark and becomes violent which turns everything into ashes


Prace for the world

This is an experiment made by Sri Ashok Gurjale depicting beautiful life forms. Let us strive for liberty of mind and spirit. Let us strive for the peace, "Peace for the world"

Peace for the world


Swaramadhuri - Indian Classical and western Fusion Composition by Ashok Gurjale; a combination of 5 different raagas which won National Award for “Best Music” by Doordarshan in 2001. This composition has been selected for National archives in Doordarshan